Inserted in homo s. sapiens paradigmatic society of dreams, tabus, irationality and reason.
Philosophically traumatised by the thought of the Loneliness of Man.
Met Art and Lyric.
Embraced Metaphors.
Circles, again and again.
Skepsis and Desire.
Faith, and the Faithless.
The Here and Now. The Ever and Forever. The Yesterday of Tomorrow.
This, That and Those.
Language, Understanding.
Other Demons.

© 2010 Lith Ium

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

~Secret Society~

There was a sheet of paper, white,

For a sad writer’s last delight,

And on the canvas’s carmine night

In coral red I sit and write...

...about the dreams I used to dream,

About the darkness and the steam,

About some roses which redeem,

A spirit lost in ocean's stream.

...about the shadows within light,

About the pale amaranth sight

That guides my eyes, maybe in spite

Of reason, to an endless fight.

...I think a secret was the theme,

But rather I will not blaspheme.

I'll leave the silence to a scream.

And to the reader my esteem.

© 2010 Lith Ium

Friday, October 15, 2010

Evil Dreams

Deep from the silence - filled with blood,

The cup of ever-changing season -

Enchanting liquid for the soul,

Beyond all doubt, beyond all reason.

Beyond the times of all that’s been,

An evil pulse, so far from Eden.

His is the victory, so often -

His eyes glance ghastly back to me,

His words so luring, sinful passion,

Whisper of nightmares yet to be.

Too decadent is human nature,

Too blind these eyes – too darkly...

I'd like to fight, to break from time,

From particles and to release

My soul that never has existed -

I'm dying, but the will is his.

And much too often I'm his slave,

My wings are cut, my thoughts - they cease...

© 2010 Lith Ium

Dark Prayer

From time to time I'd wish to pray,

But all my Gods, they flew away;

Leaving no darkness, fear, nor light

Behind... Just dreams, deluding sight.

Sometimes I'd wish to turn my eyes,

To heaven or to hell, to lies.

But all I see - seconds in gray -

With no tomorrow - just today.

In moments, I would like to speak

To sacred shadows of antique

Places they used to hide a law -

Below - Above - Above - ... Below...

There is no space, no time - just you.

A shade of mist, which could undo

A secret kept eons of light -

A muse, sweet glance of shadow's night.

But NEVER could art dare reveal,

The feeling through forms so unreal...

OR all these lines (moments in blue),

The tragedy of loosing you.

...and still I pray - that time would turn

The future - in a sea of storm,

Where waves would be a tres chic rue,

Leading me, darling, back to you...

© 2010 Lith Ium

Flami-Limbo - [D]A(anti) [D]A(rt)

Did I watch your eyes of ice

Melt in fire of desire?

Did this clock tick tack the dice,

Forming a vermillion liar?

Neither you, nor him, nor me,

Would discuss the real idea -

I just wanted, him to be

A cold passionate child of Rhea!


And now watching my Flamingo,

They have seen the words spin trials!

Wishing I’d stop chasing Limbo,

Nurtured have they, their denials...

© 2010 Lith Ium

Time and Lo

Thus I begin.

Eternal Sin.

I am the darkness from within,

I am like satin, can you feel?

I am a sacred, evil seal.

Passion I am in crimson skies,

I am the mist, made up by lies,

A dream in "Hollywood Cerise",

A delightful French "surprise".

I am the sound of clockwork gears-

I am a music, of the spheres

And I’m a fractalized illusion

Within a dandy carbon fusion.

A moment of a brilliant white,

A melody - love at first sight.

And I'm the notes which dance behind

The darkest corners of your mind.

I am a death note, demons ink,

I am the poison you will drink.

I am eternities away,

I am the artist, I'm the play.

I am the flames which do entice

You to get lost in mirror’s ice.

I am a path, a labyrinth,

A-maze-ingly deadly absinth.

I am a cloud - arsenic grey -

To guide you on a hellish way,

And I am heaven, moment’s muse -

And you'd know just, how to abuse,

The words to make me die again -

In 'how' and 'where' and sometimes 'when'...

I’m now a serpent, silver dust -

And then a phoenix, to your lust.

I am a nymph, metamorphizing

In oceans blue, from foam arising.

I am the utopia of science,

A perfect paradigm for violence,

Quantum cognitive distorted,

A kiss so far, a touch so wanted.

I'm carried by silk of lavender,

Sometimes so cold, sometimes so tender,

Sometimes just sea-sand, sometimes snow,

Sometimes a gothic, diffuse glow...

I am just lines, pathetic thrill,

To loose the thought and start to feel.

I am the light - Eons ago -

And beyond Time I stand, you know,

Law of uncertainty... Just Lo.

© 2010 Lith Ium

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Time’s Theatre

Walking on stairs so black and cold,

In nightshade of a moon so bitter,

In arms of marble, you I'd hold...

(I'd read the thought

Your mind would not)

And dream of dark, a critter...

...that seeks the pain, for me to read

With eyes of silver through the light.

And there’s a path. You want to lead -

(Away from time

Within the rhyme)

Me, into a fading night...


Whispering a song enchanting,

Telling dimensions to split

In her mind, cognitions starting

(To implode,

Then to explode)

In multiverses' perfect fit.

A birth of time, a clock in space

A diamond of ideas.

A figurant in speeding race


And dissecting)

Who often fails to see us.

© 2010 Lith Ium

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Demon and The Muse

I'm on a journey, left from hell, eternities diffuse -

Lost through the numbers, and through forms

I found a silver muse...

Her melodies were waves so red, of passion, my first thought.

And entering her labyrinth,

Her mind, I think, I sought...


My worlds were lines of sin ethereal; dreamy, darkly flames.

I left an ice palace and oceans

Wished for enchanting games...

Became an architect of heavens, with clouds in endless blue.

My eyes reflected sadly matter

‘Til there was mist, designed by you...


Observing her, as twisted thoughts, ideas of a child -

A nymphet still, lonely ideals-

I brought her fire, made her wild...

To dive in fractals of her mind, to lure her teary eyes,

To end the innocence within

I morphed in white disguise...


The sounds of rain, touching his wings, I know he is not real,

Neither am I, nor will I be,

And still he makes me want and feel.

And he reminded me of darkness, the essence that I was, sublime

And now my journey is distorted

An empty space, eternal time...

© 2010 Lith Ium

Monday, August 9, 2010

Do Not Read

The feeling lost, a crystal river
Along horizons, light blue shiver.

Along a thought, now gone forever.
A tear transforming "now" in "never".

A tear, too dark, for eyes to know
The path of light, the silver glow.

The path to twilight, serpentines
In changing space of river times.

In changing elements of sin,
As you can feel evil within.

As you can feel hearts purest love
Ascending to a hell ...above.

Ascending with dark wings of time,
On stairs of roses, so sublime.

On stairs that lead to Neverland,
To storms of mind, to thoughts of sand...

© 2010 Lith Ium

Temptation of the Odd

... that winter night faded to glitter,

The snowflakes white, times sweet, times bitter...

On my empty, frozen eye.

I tried to sleep and dream and lie

In endless fluff – In vain I try.

I’d love to, but I cannot wither...

...and still I fall, in deep blue oceans,

where Up and Down are empty notions...

And where the coldness lies.

I thought I could be touching skies

But clouds, like truth, are made of lies,

And filled with void emotions...

...this winter night, it starts again,

The snowflakes land upon my pen...

They must be very shy.

I hope to keep my pages dry,

Yet snowflakes fade, snowflakes deny.

There is no Why, no When.

© 2010 Lith Ium

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Where is my soul? It lies in snow.

When will it die? I do not know.
Why all this coldness, why the chill?

Who are you, night? So dark, unreal.

What are these flames, so silver-white?

Winter might tell, and I shall write.

What it will be? Forms are so final.

Where it will lead? Ask time - the spiral.

When it will end? Fractals would know.

Who is the "I", that will not grow?

Why – always the eternal question.

Winter, the season - my detention.

© 2010 Lith Ium

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Details - detachment; dawn of sorrow:

Today I cry;

And die tomorrow.

Eternity - I seek in blue -

And all I find

Behind - is you.

For all my senses - so sublime...

I challenge space,

I race with time.

But neither time nor space could tell

That heaven’s games

Are flames of hell.

That angel eyes could lie so sweet.

That I'm unreal

Until we meet.

Essential, abstract, bare illusion.

Sad little line -

With divine fusion.

What could be poison,

If not love?

Beneath your soul,

Beyond, above...

Still complex tears -

Redeemer’s choice,

That had as muse

The devil's voice.

© 2010 Lith Ium

Wednesday, July 21, 2010