Ars Poetica

I was afraid, to chip away, this crystal, dark and icy,

To bring it much to close

To Flames -

But he, he did it for me.

He ripped apart my soul, my thoughts, and darkness fell upon me,

I thought I’d see in time

The Flames -

And followed him quite blindly…

Denial, child, did not help much, nor did your tears in absence.

A symphony and notes

Of flames -

Divided into silence.

And still the story does go on in one frozen forever,

That thrills you, lets you feel

In Flames.

Your mind sold to this captor.

© 2010 Lith Ium

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Mind my momentary mistitled malediction, -

Mind-munching mice migrated miles, monsieur,

Maybe misleading me, mixing my medication,

My mental microchip's most maddening malheur.

Macrocephallic microbes meet my mentality, -

Might mention mazes melt - midsession-thing malfunction -,

Makes misconducted mice misapprehending me.

Maybe malicious minds mistake my mis-compunction.

My mission - misconceived. Misclassified, miscolored.

My methods mostly mistimed, moreover motionless.

My mid-night-mares mementos, monocularly mastered,

Misspell my memory. Monochromatic mess.

© 2010 Lith Ium

Wednesday, June 23, 2010



-That spot of a dark red light, is it...

-My blood. My life running away from its window.

-But the light –

-Only illusions of this damned mansion... I can’t remember where...


-Nowhere. I can’t find it.

-Maybe you’re looking at the wrong light. You’re looking only at that stupid, dark red, WRONG light...

-It’s my blood, I thought... I thought I’ll never see it and yet...

-You can’t see, you are-

-Blind. How did this happen? If I only could remember where...

-Sssh. The flames. They are around... waiting, I can see them glancing-

-At my eyes. Maybe that is the reason I am...

-Blind. Blink. You’re eyes are wounded. I can’t see your...

-Tears. Why? I think I’m lost. I don’t know... when I've last time entered...

-Through a door? You’ve been going along these walls for ages... Do you...

-I see.


-I remember seeing once. But only walls. I never really... saw anything else.

-You always have ...

- ...been blind.

-And now the light.

-The dark red light. Do you think I should...

-Follow it.

-But the flames...

-Your eyes are wounded anyway.

-My tears. Where...

-Follow it.

-I’m afraid I might loose my eyes forever. The light – I thought ... I thought it is my blood – the life I was looking ...

-For? For what? You can’t look, you’re not even able to see... But...

-How did I get here? Where was the door? I remember...

-Going through the flames might bring you to the next...

-Door. But I see only walls... And I’m sure that beyond the next door... there too, will be...

-Only walls. Your eyes can’t see anything but walls. They are...

-Wounded. I know that I had them once, my tears. If only I could remember where...

-Close your eyes, child.

-It’s late.

-For you.

-To go through the flames?

-You already did. Now it’s too late.



-I see.


-I’m already beyond the second door...

-And still walls.

-But the flames are now everywhere... I really need my...

-Tears; let your eyes rest, close them.

-I need my eyelids...

-You’re blind anyway.

-And still walls. Only walls... and flames... and my reflection in them.

-Only illusions of this dark mansion. You are blind. Now close your eyes...

© 2010 Lith Ium

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Universe in Black and Blue

He set a blue flame in a rhyme:

A cradle full of fire,

To, once upon, a frozen time,

All dark clocks will aspire.

He set it; slowly crawling up

The blue flame, blue enchanting-

And pouring darkness in the cup,

He said: "... for you, my darling..."

She never thought it could be black,

Illusions were so blue...

And lost between the Tick and Tack,

Her eyes were loosing hue.

Her blood so blue, her eyes now dark

Black, empty, fading. Colorless.

Her mind just walking in the park

In blue and black. MonochromeEndless.

© 2010 Lith Ium

Wednesday, June 2, 2010