Time and Lo

Thus I begin.

Eternal Sin.

I am the darkness from within,

I am like satin, can you feel?

I am a sacred, evil seal.

Passion I am in crimson skies,

I am the mist, made up by lies,

A dream in "Hollywood Cerise",

A delightful French "surprise".

I am the sound of clockwork gears-

I am a music, of the spheres

And I’m a fractalized illusion

Within a dandy carbon fusion.

A moment of a brilliant white,

A melody - love at first sight.

And I'm the notes which dance behind

The darkest corners of your mind.

I am a death note, demons ink,

I am the poison you will drink.

I am eternities away,

I am the artist, I'm the play.

I am the flames which do entice

You to get lost in mirror’s ice.

I am a path, a labyrinth,

A-maze-ingly deadly absinth.

I am a cloud - arsenic grey -

To guide you on a hellish way,

And I am heaven, moment’s muse -

And you'd know just, how to abuse,

The words to make me die again -

In 'how' and 'where' and sometimes 'when'...

I’m now a serpent, silver dust -

And then a phoenix, to your lust.

I am a nymph, metamorphizing

In oceans blue, from foam arising.

I am the utopia of science,

A perfect paradigm for violence,

Quantum cognitive distorted,

A kiss so far, a touch so wanted.

I'm carried by silk of lavender,

Sometimes so cold, sometimes so tender,

Sometimes just sea-sand, sometimes snow,

Sometimes a gothic, diffuse glow...

I am just lines, pathetic thrill,

To loose the thought and start to feel.

I am the light - Eons ago -

And beyond Time I stand, you know,

Law of uncertainty... Just Lo.

© 2010 Lith Ium

Thursday, October 14, 2010