Dark Prayer

From time to time I'd wish to pray,

But all my Gods, they flew away;

Leaving no darkness, fear, nor light

Behind... Just dreams, deluding sight.

Sometimes I'd wish to turn my eyes,

To heaven or to hell, to lies.

But all I see - seconds in gray -

With no tomorrow - just today.

In moments, I would like to speak

To sacred shadows of antique

Places they used to hide a law -

Below - Above - Above - ... Below...

There is no space, no time - just you.

A shade of mist, which could undo

A secret kept eons of light -

A muse, sweet glance of shadow's night.

But NEVER could art dare reveal,

The feeling through forms so unreal...

OR all these lines (moments in blue),

The tragedy of loosing you.

...and still I pray - that time would turn

The future - in a sea of storm,

Where waves would be a tres chic rue,

Leading me, darling, back to you...

© 2010 Lith Ium

Friday, October 15, 2010