Temptation of the Odd

... that winter night faded to glitter,

The snowflakes white, times sweet, times bitter...

On my empty, frozen eye.

I tried to sleep and dream and lie

In endless fluff – In vain I try.

I’d love to, but I cannot wither...

...and still I fall, in deep blue oceans,

where Up and Down are empty notions...

And where the coldness lies.

I thought I could be touching skies

But clouds, like truth, are made of lies,

And filled with void emotions...

...this winter night, it starts again,

The snowflakes land upon my pen...

They must be very shy.

I hope to keep my pages dry,

Yet snowflakes fade, snowflakes deny.

There is no Why, no When.

© 2010 Lith Ium

Sunday, August 1, 2010