The Demon and The Muse

I'm on a journey, left from hell, eternities diffuse -

Lost through the numbers, and through forms

I found a silver muse...

Her melodies were waves so red, of passion, my first thought.

And entering her labyrinth,

Her mind, I think, I sought...


My worlds were lines of sin ethereal; dreamy, darkly flames.

I left an ice palace and oceans

Wished for enchanting games...

Became an architect of heavens, with clouds in endless blue.

My eyes reflected sadly matter

‘Til there was mist, designed by you...


Observing her, as twisted thoughts, ideas of a child -

A nymphet still, lonely ideals-

I brought her fire, made her wild...

To dive in fractals of her mind, to lure her teary eyes,

To end the innocence within

I morphed in white disguise...


The sounds of rain, touching his wings, I know he is not real,

Neither am I, nor will I be,

And still he makes me want and feel.

And he reminded me of darkness, the essence that I was, sublime

And now my journey is distorted

An empty space, eternal time...

© 2010 Lith Ium

Monday, August 9, 2010