Strange Allegory

Vader: I find your lack of faith

Tarkin: Enough of this! Vader,
release him!

We lived a strange allegory,
With you here
And me on Alpha Centauri,
With a connection made
More EM - than TELE-pathically.

You're exploring the moon, wildly,
Of Endor,
With me, elegantly,
Trying to invade,
This forest-moon of liberty,
Because, well - you see -,
Here, on Alpha Centauri,
Beings like me,
Don't understand being free.

Yet, fear not.

I misremember the journey
To Cloud City,
And its teachings of Anti
It's because of the dust, I suppose,
On Alpha Centauri.

But, Fear not.

I'll learn to fly,
With the speed of light, dazzingly,
Towards undreamed dreams, in dreamy -
Landscapes, empty
At first,
Yet free.

Beyond Bespin, and Alderaan
And Mustafar,
Beyond Mon Calamari,
And even Alpha Centauri,
Beyond Hoth, Camino
And Naboo
From QuantumSpaceAttachments,
Leaving traces,
Just for you.

© 2011 Lith Ium

Thursday, February 10, 2011