Time’s Theatre

Walking on stairs so black and cold,

In nightshade of a moon so bitter,

In arms of marble, you I'd hold...

(I'd read the thought

Your mind would not)

And dream of dark, a critter...

...that seeks the pain, for me to read

With eyes of silver through the light.

And there’s a path. You want to lead -

(Away from time

Within the rhyme)

Me, into a fading night...


Whispering a song enchanting,

Telling dimensions to split

In her mind, cognitions starting

(To implode,

Then to explode)

In multiverses' perfect fit.

A birth of time, a clock in space

A diamond of ideas.

A figurant in speeding race


And dissecting)

Who often fails to see us.

© 2010 Lith Ium

Tuesday, August 10, 2010