Meet me:
I'm called curiosity -
I'm the voice of the restless.
And I am made to taste
All that is tasteless
- to anteriority.

I am placed before fear -
Yet feared am I by many,
For I am made to see,
All things so uncanny
- behind the lone-moving gear.

From reason, from instinct -
Times hunter, times pray,
I am made to smell
Wind carrying away
- World existant, world extinct.

I place
Time and space -
In the hands of the poor.
And to feel, am I made -
Lies, Truths, so the more
- how they grow, how they race.

My stories are endless,
From Winter to Summer, to Spring or to Fall.
I'm the motion, the force -
I am made to do all
But to hear the Silence.

© 2011 Lith Ium

Tuesday, March 29, 2011