The Face of Happiness

Happiness is a sound, beyond music and reason,
Beyond words, so numb, - it is like a season
Of a bipolar being, swinging on waves
Of shadows and lights, within caves.

Happiness is a demon, I hate it, I admit.
And often I dream on, trying to outwit
It's web of lies and delusion and sound,
Thus I run away and hope not to be found.

Happiness has a face with round, empty eyes,
And with its bodyless body, it floats above skies,
Like a kite crawling and stealing the light,
From the sun. And you're left with the night.

Happiness is confusion with a hypnotic stare,
It is like the fusion of an abstract affair
With the concrete of thought - or of sin,
It is scary, it's terror and darkness within!


© 2010 Lith Ium

Saturday, May 8, 2010