The End Of The World

If we are to Start, why not with an Ending? After all, everything we do is related to the End of Some-Thing. The End of Working-Hours, the End of a Project, the End of the Day. The End is eagerly expected, since the End is the Point. When "End" comes, we, as Homo Endicons, may relieved start ... waiting for another End.

And what can be MORE of an END than the *End of The Word*. THE End. The End of all Endings.

So, "you" see, it shall now lie in our infinite empathy and tolerance to understand the Others (yes, there are always the "Others"), when they frantically, fearfully and dramatically predict, "again and as always", the End of The World.

Eschatology - that part of teo-philosophy that tells you how the Universe, and other, more antropomorphized Forces will play "kick the can" with you - reassures our Others that they're inner, emotional desire of an End (... and with it, of a Point, of course) is an objective reality. There are Signs everywhere. And if something goes wrong - that is, if an Ending-of-the-World does not End with an Ending ... there is always mathematics there, to be blamed.

"We" people, are after all, made of numbers [lets blame the mailman / we are numbers / on your frame / the voices in the other end]*. We, people, are not perfect. Ergo, to conclude the syllogism, Numbers are not perfect.

Besides, Numbers never *End*. Awful critters.

If Theudas was wrong, or Ben Zakkai, Rabbi Jose ... or all the other Rabbis and Messengers of our dear End have failed, it is only the fault of Mathematics. Or the Fault of "Reality" - why won't it End?! We summoned "its" death over 200 times ( and counting : ).

Does Reality not Realise it is NOT WANTED?

"It's pretty late, you know, and End will soon be comming for a visit. I really wished you could stay a while longer, but I understand you have now other problems to solve(hopefully far, far, faaar away from Terra!). So long, Reality!" [Diplomatic smile fades with every step Reality takes towards the Abyss.]


Furthermore, this Pre-Post-Apocalyptic Memes are delicious. They give us the Hope of being able to live or be relieved of - all our psychoses. In the desolate desert that will strech itself into the infinite horizons of poisoned air, we shall remember the Great War, and finally be free, and alone, and lonely. As we ever were, only now, with an "objective" cause.

* "Division of Laura Lee" Band - "We are Numbers"

Sunday, January 31, 2010

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Anonymous said...

imi place asta cu" we,people, are after all, made of numbers"...hats off, my dear ;)